Carnegie Library Building

334 Main Street, NE

Deposit $100 | Returned after successful clean-up and no damage.

Ground Floor $250/Day

Whole Building $350/Day

Chairs $0.50 Each | White, Metal

Tables $5 Each | Round and/or 6' Rectangle

For inquiries, call Ann Duskin 229.995.4593

In 1914, the Andrew Carnegie Foundation funded the construction of many library buildings throughout the USA, including this one. It served as the Dawson Library and later as the Kinchafoonee Regional Library until 1999 when a new library was constructed. It stood empty until the Terrell County Historic Preservation Society raised funds and obtained grants for its preservation. The restoration of the library and it 1957 annex was completed in 2000 at which time the property was officially leased by the city of Dawson to the TCHPS. It is used for many civic activities and is available for rental.


Log Cabin Club House

360 Sixth Avenue, NE

Deposit $100

Building $125.00/Day | Includes entire building, 25 chairs and 3 tables.

For inquiries, call Ann Duskin 229.995.4593

This log structure was built in 1913 by the Durham family. In 1918, Mrs. D. C. Pickett, as president of the Dawson Woman’s Club, purchased the house for the sum of one thousand dollars. It was entrusted to her successors in office. In 1950, it was deeded to the Dawson Garden Club and in 1994 was deeded to the Dawson Restoration Society (now the Terrell County Historic Preservation Society) for one dollar. It serves as an occasional meeting house for the Society and is also available for rental to individuals and organizations.